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Category Kitchen scale
Brand Korona
Manuals 1
Specifiactions 1

Download the user manuals for Fabio

Type Name Count
User's manual Fabio_manuals.pdf 3
Certificate of conformity Fabio_certificate_Conformity.pdf 1

Useful files and SOFTWARE Fabio

For many products, to work with the Fabio, you may need various additional files: drivers, patches, updates, installation programs, a list of error codes, an electronic diagram or a photo. You can download these files online for a specific model Fabio or add your own for free download by other visitors.

Name Type Count
N/A Drivers 2
N/A Electronic circuit 2
N/A Photos 0
N/A Installation scheme 1
N/A Datasheet 0

Specifications Fabio

General characteristic Type mechanical
Weighing limit 5 kg
Measurement accuracy 25 g
Tarraconense no
Sequential weighing no
Measurement of volume of liquid no
Display Timer no
Clock no
Features Container design bowl
Removable bowl Yes
Bowl volume 1 l
The material of the bowl plastic
Body material plastic
Dimensions (WxDxH) 130x115x170 mm
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