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Category Hoovers
Brand Gorenje
Manuals 1
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Download the user manuals for VCEB 24 DP BK

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User's manual VCEB 24 DP BK_manuals.pdf 3
Certificate of conformity VCEB 24 DP BK_certificate_Conformity.pdf 1

Useful files and SOFTWARE VCEB 24 DP BK

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Name Type Count
N/A Drivers 0
N/A Electronic circuit 0
N/A Photos 0
N/A Installation scheme 1
N/A Datasheet 0

Specifications VCEB 24 DP BK

Specifications Type ordinary
Cleaning dry
Power consumption 800 W
Dust collector bag, 3 l capacity
Power regulator on the body
Fine filter Yes
Features Power cord length 7 m
Functions and features dust collector fill indicator, power cord auto-winding, on/off foot switch on the housing, vertical Parking
Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 45x25x31 cm
Weight 4.1 kg
Tubes and attachments Suction pipe telescopic
Turbo brush included Yes
Attachments included floor / carpet, parquet
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