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Brand Epson
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Download the user manuals for Perfection V850 Pro

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User's manual Perfection V850 Pro_manuals.pdf 3
Certificate of conformity Perfection V850 Pro_certificate_Conformity.pdf 1

Useful files and SOFTWARE Perfection V850 Pro

For many products, to work with the Perfection V850 Pro, you may need various additional files: drivers, patches, updates, installation programs, a list of error codes, an electronic diagram or a photo. You can download these files online for a specific model Perfection V850 Pro or add your own for free download by other visitors.

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N/A Drivers 3
N/A Electronic circuit 2
N/A Photos 2
N/A Installation scheme 1
N/A Datasheet 0

Specifications Perfection V850 Pro

General Type flatbed
Sensor type CCD
Slide the adapter Yes
Interface USB 2.0, FireWire
Compatibility PC, MAC
Specifications Maximum paper size A4
Maximum document size 216x297 mm
The maximum size of the slide 203x254 mm
Permission 6400x9600 dpi
Resolution (improved) 12800x12800 dpi
Maximum optical density 4 D
Scanning speed (color)) A4, 300dpi, - 15 sec.,
Scan speed (b/W) A4 300dpi - 15 seconds
Color depth 48 bits
Color depth (external) 48 bits
Additionally Set of frames included Yes
Power during operation 23 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 308x152x503 mm
Weight 6.6 kg
Features Automatic removal of dust and scratches using Digital ICE technology. Scans films: 35 mm film, 35 mm slides, film, 6x12 cm slides, film, 6x20 cm slides, film, 4"X5" slides, 203x254 mm film
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